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A potom zazpívá a umře!

25. července 2012 v 19:35 | Lotte |  By the Way
Hahaha! :D Ehm...tohle jsem našla na internetu a tekly mi z toho až slzy smíchu, tudíž to sem prostě musím dát. :D
Takže to nic se mnou společného nemá, ani nemám bratra (pro jistotu si to ujasníme :D). :D
Moje reakce byla jen...."WHAT THE HELL?!" a pak :D :D :D O.o _._

  • Me: that's how Susan Kay's Phantom ended.
  • Brother: Maybe Javert killed him.
  • Me: ...
  • Brother: Y'know, Javert.
  • Me: ...No, you see, in Susan Kay's book, Javert is the name of Erik's gypsie master and...
  • Brother: Oh.
  • Me: Yeah.
  • Brother: Well maybe instead of Javert commiting suicide, he became a gypsie. "There is no way to go on!" What he really meant was to swim to the other side of Paris and join the gypsies.
  • Me: That doesn't make... actually... actually that could work out. See, Erik joins the gypsie camp in the 1840's and Javert supposedly died in the mid 1830's...
  • Brother: Enough time to make Javert a full-fledged singing gypsie. He just pops out of the river covered in muck like seaweed man and figures he's stinky enough to be one of them. 5 years later and he's cracking a whip at Erik going "You know NOTHING of Javert!"
  • Me: Well actually one time I thought the best way to connect Phantom and Les Mis was if... what if!... Marius and Cosette were actually Erik's parents! Like Marius and Cosette get married, can't have babies for a while... Marius suddenly dies which is very heartbreaking for Cosette, but she has a child and sadly it's Erik!
  • Brother: So that would make Jean Valjean, like, Erik's grandfather.
  • Me: ...exactly!
  • Brother: So like, after Christine leaves him he goes back to that town that Valjean was the mayor and stuff, learns about Valjean and finds out he was his grandpa! And somehow with a changed heart and all, Erik becomes the second M. Madeleine. Oh, and of course Erik kept the silver candlesticks in his lair the whole time.
  • Me: And at his deathbed, Erik's holding a red rose and gathering the few people he ever cherished, and the candlesticks at his bedside he sings "To love another person is to see the face of God!" and he dies.
  • Brother: Yep.
  • Me: Yep.

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